General Membership

As of July 1, 2022

  1. MAGNUM “Magnum” D. AGPAOA
  2. VINCENT VOS “Vince” R. BARTOLOME (President Elect)
  3. NICANOR “Nick” S. BATERINA (Past President)
  4. RODRIGO “Rod” G. BAUTISTA (Past President)
  5. SERAFIN “Bojie” Y. BERNARDINO (Past President)
  6. PLARIDEL “Jun” J. BOHOL II (Past President)
  7. RODELLE “Rodelle” B. BOLANTE (Past President)
  8. ARGEL JOSEPH “Argel” T. CABATBAT (Past President)
  9. PAUL “Paul” D. CHUA (Immediate Past President)
  10. JERRY “Jerry” S. CRISPINO
  11. JOSE “Jojo” B. CRUZ III (Past President)
  13. ROBERTO “Obet” F. DE LEON (Past President)
  14. KEVIN MICOLE “Kevin” R. DELFINO (Secretary)
  16. JOHANN ERICKSON “Johann” C. EVASCO (President)
  18. REY JOHN “Radian” A. FANTONE (Past President)
  19. ROLANDO “Rollie” F. FANTONE (Past President)
  20. FERNANDO “Nanding” B. GOSE (Charter President)
  21. JAN MICHAEL “Jan” D. LEE
  22. RICARDO “Ric” S. MENDOZA (Past President)
  23. NICOLAS “Nic” B. NICOLAS (Past President)
  24. RODRIGO “Dino” B. NOLASCO (Past President)
  25. ANTHONY “Tuking” T. PONCE DE LEON (Past President)
  26. BRYAN “Bryan” RESUELLO
  27. RONALDO “Boyet” J. SACRO (Past President)
  28. ROMEO RONALD “Pope” O. SOLIS (Past President)
  30. FRANK LEVI “Levi” C. UGSAD (Past President)
  31. TOMAS “Chito” M. VALENCIA JR.

2 thoughts on “General Membership

  • June 22, 2022


    First of all, let me introduce myself.
    My name is Kenichi Konishi, a member of Sasebo North Rotary Club, Japan.
    Our club is belonging to Rotary International district 2740. The number of member is 41 at the moment which is almost same as your club. Also, we joined to the rotary organization in 1984 which is same as your club. we will have the fortieth anniversary of our foundation in coming next year.

    This time we contact you because our club is interested in your Global Grants Project “Solar Irrigation for farmers”
    We found your project in “My Rotary”. We think this project is fantastic because agriculture is becoming more important for human living, and improving environment to provide solar irrigation to land that lacks the source of water is critical for people’s life of your country.
    Now, our rotary club wishes we could participate in your project and realize it in your and our fortieth anniversary.

    On investigating the possibility of joint project, please let us know the following points;

    1. Details of the Project
    2. Offer from another rotary club
    Have you had offer from another rotary club on this Global Grants Project.
    3. Past opportunity
    Have you had past opportunity of joint project with the rotary club in Japan.
    4. Possibility of new formation of sister club relationship
    Finally, we hope our both clubs will declare a new formation of sister club relationship.

    The person in charge in Sasebo north rotary club is as bellow:
    Kenichi Konishi (Sasebo North Rotary Club)
    TEL: 0956-37-0777
    For your reference, our club’ s URL is as bellow;

    sincerely yours,

    Kenichi Konishi
    2021-2022 Community Service Committee Chairperson
    Sasebo North Rotary Club

    • Thank you Rtn. Kenichi for reaching out and on your club’s interest with this project. I would relay said info above to our club for consideration. Regards to fellow Rotarians from Sasebo North Rotary Club.

      Radian Fantone
      Past President

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